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Matress, curtain and sofa cleaning services that will restore the life of your textiles.

What to expect from professional sofa cleaning?

Regardless of the cleaning method applied, here are the things you can expect when you hire our professional upholstery cleaning company to clean your sofa or other upholstered piece of furniture:

Professional sofa cleaning results

Clean upholstery means fresh dust-free rooms. If you are located in London or its surrounding areas, our cleaning technicians will do that for you at a very reasonable price. The qualified sofa cleaning technicians at Amazing services use professional equipment and eco-friendly detergents to provide excellent sofa and mattress cleaning services. We can even clean your curtains. In just a couple of hours your furnishing textiles are spotless, free from dust, dirt and allergens and your rooms smell fresh and new. For a longer lasting effect, you can request the extra Scotchgard™ treatment, which will protect the fabrics and make the next cleaning even easier.

Do you like your furniture fresh-looking, nice-smelling, dust and bacteria-free?

How is upholstery cleaning done?

Before everything else, our upholstery cleaners inspect the pieces of furniture to be cleaned. They establish the material and the condition of the upholstery. Based on this evaluation they decide on the most suitable and effective method to clean your furniture.

Depending on the material – synthetic/mixed or delicate/natural – we offer different methods of cleaning:

Overall dirt is removed with a hot water extraction machine. Our experienced sofa cleaners also use industrial-strength removers to treat and clean any new stains. Please note that stains which have been treated previously may have become fixed and not come out completely.

The upholstery is treated with delicate powder which attracts dirt. Then the furniture is cleaned with a special professional hoovering machine.

Unlike what the name may suggest, this type of dry cleaning uses a non-water compound. 

A special dry cleaning solvent is applied gently on the fabric of your furniture. It is let to act and is then thoroughly vacuumed leaving your sofa or mattress clean and fresh. Please note that solvent dry cleaning does not remove stains.

Your leather sofa, armchairs and other furniture is safe with us. For leather cleaning a special non-water solvent is applied on a soft cotton cloth which is then used to gently wipe the leather upholstery. Please remember that leather is a delicate material which may be damaged by stains.

What types of upholstery can be cleaned?

We can professionally clean any upholstered piece of furniture in your home, as well as mattresses and curtains. This applies to sofas, armchairs, recliners, stools, chairs, bed headboards and other soft furnishing. For any furnishing textile – natural or synthetic fibres, velvet, leather or organic materials – we will use the appropriate cleaning method and leave your furniture immaculate. All detergents and solvents we use are safe to humans and pets. Up to 95% of the water used during cleaning is extracted in the final stage and your furniture can be used about a couple of hours after the cleaning.

Car seats upholstery cleaning servce

Car upholstery cleaning service

We clean your car seats and interior in the same way we clean your sofa or mattress. Enjoy a nice ride in a clean vehicle that smells and feels fresh.

Mattress cleaning service - in the process

Mattress cleaning services

Mattresses collect a considerable amount of dust, allergens and odours. Amazing Services provides professional care for drapes, window blinds, roman shades.

Upholstery cleaning cost

armchair cleaning - before and after the upholstery cleaning service

We provide the same high quality of our professional upholstery cleaning service to all our customers in and around London. There is no furniture cleaning request too small or too big. The price for professional sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services depends on the number and size of the pieces to be cleaned. Call us now for your personal quote and let our cleaners do their magic on your favourite piece of furniture.

Ask about our special protective Scotchgard™ treatment to keep your furniture clean and stain-free longer.

Our prices for upholstery cleaning services

Upholstery steam cleaningPrice
Armchairfrom £34
Two seater sofafrom £66
Three seater sofafrom £98
L- shaped 4 seater sofafrom £130
Dining chairfrom £18
Office chairfrom £18
Double Mattressfrom £33
King Size Mattressfrom £41

5 clear benefits of having your upholstery professionally cleaned

Upholstery sofa cleaning by Amazing services

Professional cleaning for really clean and health risk-free furniture

The fabric of upholstered furniture has a pleasant look and feel, but it also tends to collect microscopic dirt which is a beneficial environment for harmful microorganisms. The usual hoovering or wiping with a wet cloth cannot clean deeply or handle bad odour or pathogens. The polens, mould, bacteria, and allergens in your upholstery, mattresses and curtains can only be removed by a professional cleaning company using specialized cleaning equipment and detergents. Amazing Services London is the cleaning company near you, providing top-end professional sofa and soft furniture cleaning at a reasonable price.

Scotchgard™ carpet protection

Scotchgard carpet protector logo

Scotchgard™ is a special fabric protector spray which is applied after a sofa or mattress has been professionally cleaned. It creates a thin film that prevents liquids from penetrating the material. An accidental spill can then be easily wiped without forming a stain. The repelling action and protection of your soft furniture after its professional cleaning can last for up to 6 months unless the area is scrubbed and the layer is removed. 

Although Scotchgard™ upholstery treatment is an extra service, we strongly encourage our customers to request it specifically so they can enjoy the freshness of their furniture longer.

Get rid of dirt, odour and bacteria in your upholstered furniture now!

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