End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Let us help you turn the security deposit into a simple formality

When moving out, a thorough cleaning of the place is in order if you want your security deposit refunded. If the property is located in London, or the surrounding areas, our cleaning company can put you in a situation where you win three ways:  you get a high quality end of tenancy cleaning service, you get it at a reasonable price, and you get to not do it yourself. Our professional cleaners have the experience of hundreds of move out cleans, all done impeccably.

Since we know how particularly important this is for you, we also offer a 72-hour guarantee where we come back and re-do a procedure should you – as a tenant or a property owner – find something that is not to your satisfaction.

What is End of Tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a service usually requested by tenants or by property owners at the end of a lease or at move out. It is a deep cleaning of all rooms and appliances included in the lease. Standard lease contracts obligate tenants to leave the property in the condition it was at the time of moving in. Only then can the security deposit be refunded in full. The End of tenancy is usually requested by tenants but it is also an option for landlords who need their property cleaned after a tenancy or just touched up after a period of disuse. The price which cleaning companies calculate is based on the total area of the property, the number of rooms, and any extra services requested. Unlike one-off cleaning service, the End of Tenancy procedure includes deep cleaning of all rooms and appliances AND a 72-hour guarantee.

What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

We clean the property top to bottom, room by room, so that your landlord finds it spotless.

End of tenancy cleaning - a kitchen cleaned by Amazing Services


High quality cleaning of all surfaces, cupboards, drawers, shelves, units and fixtures regardless of the material.

  • Deep cleaning of all floors, whether wooden, tiled or laminated.
  • Windows are cleaned on the inside.
  • Inside and outside cleaning of cupboards
  • Wiping of doors
  • Removing of limescale from sinks
  • Cleaning and dusting of woodwork (skirting boards, shelves, incl. pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, fittings)
  • Deep cleaning of all kitchen appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, etc., including kettles and toasters)
  • *ovens are cleaned in dip tank ensuring all grease residue is completely removed


  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms with high quality professional detergents
  • Careful cleaning of limescale with specialized liquid and spray detergents
  • Deep cleaning and descaling of shower units, washbasins, tiles, floors, fittings, fans, grout, taps, bathtubs, toilet seats and bowls.
bathroom cleaning by Amazing Services | before and after
Carpet cleaning of stairs in a house in London

Stairs and Hallways

Hoovering and dusting of carpeted hallways, staircases and railings IMPORTANT :
  • All walls are wiped and dusted. Stains or spots on the walls are inspected on site and if possible removed for an extra charge.
  • Carpeted areas needing more than hoovering may be steam cleaned (hot water extraction) for an extra charge. Please note that the Professional Steam Cleaning, when part of the End of Tenancy Service is not a guaranteed service and any stains on the carpet or upholstery that are too old or have been treated before may not be removed completely.
  • Fridges/freezers must be defrosted 24 hours earlier or they cannot be cleaned deeply.
  • In case of your absence from the property, key pick up can be arranged. Please inform us in advance where/with whom the key will be located. Also, if there are any special instructions, please inform us before the service.
  • The price for the end of tenancy cleaning service is based on the size of the property. Please provide us with a detailed description beforehand (number and size of rooms, carpeted areas, hallways, staircase, etc.).

It is recommended that the customer is available on site to inspect the move out clean. Any areas not meeting customer’s criteria are cleaned again on the spot.

End of tenancy cleaning - a bedroom cleaned by Amazing Services London


  • Dusting and overall cleaning of surfaces
  • Cobwebs
  • Thorough cleaning of hard floors
  • Professional hoovering of furniture
  • Thorough cleaning of hard floors
  • Hoovering and deep cleaning of carpets*
  • Cleaning of mirrors, pictures, skirting boards and fittings
  • Internal cleaning of windows
  • *deep cleaning of carpets is subject to additional booking

Living Room

  • Inside and outside cleaning of
  • cupboards
  • drawers
  • Fixtures
  • Sockets
  • Other units
  • Professional hoovering of
  • furniture
  • carpets
  • Deep clean of hard floors
  • Cobwebs
  • Wiping of doors
  • Inside cleaning of windows
End of tenancy cleaning by Amazing Services London - clean living room

How long does end of tenancy clean take?

The team arrives with all the needed equipment and materials. They stay at the property as long as needed to clean it thoroughly. Depending on the size and the condition of the property, the overall procedure may take up to 4 hours.

How much does end of tenancy cleaning in London cost?

The price of the end of tenancy cleaning service depends on the size of your property and the extra services that you book. These could be professional oven cleaning, special steam or dry carpet cleaning, window cleaning (from the outside) and other advanced cleaning services that are not covered by the standard package. When you send a price request, you will receive a personalised quote that includes everything you have described in your inquiry. When our cleaning technicians arrive at the property they will do a final check and if they notice something that you have omitted in the request, they will discuss it with you before they start working. 

Do you need quality end of tenancy cleaning services in London? Amazing Services is here to help!

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