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With time and use impurities accumulate in an oven. Even if you wipe it after every use, moisture and grease get even to parts and surfaces in the oven that are hard to reach and clean. Deep cleaning an oven is key to good hygiene, avoiding unpleasant smells, smoke or damage and to the real pleasure of cooking. This is what our service gives you: deep cleaning performed by professional technicians specialized in cleaning ovens and other kitchen and home appliances. If you are based in London or its surroundings, Amazing Services’ technicians – trained, DBS-checked, experienced, and insured – will clean your electrical cooker, gas stove, or microwave oven. 

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What is a professional oven or kitchen stove cleaning?

Using an oven causes gradual accumulation of grease and moisture deposits. Professional oven cleaning removes those deposits so the oven can operate perfectly. It uses industrial power professional detergents, which are not sold in supermarkets. The oven is taken apart and the dirty parts are soaked in a special tank containing a solution of the detergent. Here is the procedure in detail:

Amazing Stove Cleaners
Professional Oven cleaning in a house

How do professionals clean ovens?

Amazing Services' professional cleaning an oven

How much does it cost to get an oven professionally cleaned in London?

The standard service includes cleaning of a single oven (up to 60 cm.), one baking tin and two racks and it has a fixed minimal price. If you use an extractor hood, it gets the same amount of vapour and grease, which clogs its filters. You can use a combined service of oven, hob, and hood cleaning, as well as a splashback. This will guarantee uncompromised hygiene and smooth operation of the appliances. Adding extra services is eligible for a discount. The total oven cleaning price is determined by the number of appliances, their volume,  and any extra services requested and discounts applied. At Amazing Services we value each customer highly so we draw a personal quote for each client.

Check out our oven cleaning service prices in London:

Single oven including two racks£50
Double oven including three racks£68
Hob up to four burners£24
Range oven 90cm£95
Range oven 100-110 cm£108
Range hob£28
AGA OVEN from£92
Small BBQ£50
Medium size BBQ (up to 3 burners)£78
Large BBQ£95

BENEFITS of having your oven professionally cleaned

*Note: On-request service.  Extractor model is specified in the request.

You can combine oven cleaning with the following professional cleaning services

Oven and other kitchen appliances for cleaning

Should you need another combination of services, send us a request and we will draw a personal quote for you.

More things you should know before requesting professional oven and appliance cleaning:

Professional Oven cleaning service before and after cleaning an oven

Cleaning an oven is a bothersome chore, but putting it off may prove expensive. Avoid that risk. Ask for your free personal quote for oven cleaning and cleaning of kitchen appliances now.

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