Antiviral Sanitisation, Disinfection and Fogging Services

Certified home or office sanitising and fogging services to protect your living and working spaces.

Safeguard your premises with antiviral sanitisation services provided by experienced professionals

Profefssional disinfection of a house in London

In the harsh environment of the rapidly spreading coronavirus, washing your hands is highly recommended but hardly sufficient. It is crucial to sanitise and disinfect your house or working premises with proper sanitisers and disinfectants. We provide one-off and/or regular cleaning and antiviral sanitisation services as well as thorough deep cleaning services. And our best offer at the moment – disinfection fogging with certified virucidal cleaners that kill 99,99% of all germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses.  To safeguard your home, office or other commercial property, call us today and book your desired service. Our disinfection and sanitising services are provided to properties in London and Greater London.

About our cleaning and sanitising services in London

Profesional disinfection fogging service

How often should you undergo house or office sanitisation?

In the current Covid19 situation it is highly recommended to take all personal precautionary measures and to provide a safe environment for your family and co-workers. It would be wise to start with a deep cleaning of your premises and then proceed with regular sanitisation and complete disinfection at least every week or more often to prevent the spreading of viruses and bacteria. Book house disinfection as often as you need to feel safe. The frequency of office cleaning and sanitisation depends on the nature of your work and  any specific requirements for increased safety measures for your particular business. Тhe virus has been proven to survive on different surfaces for up to 72 hours, so there is no such thing as cleaning too often.

Book Antiviral Sanitisation, Disinfection or Deep Cleaning Today

This service is currently in high demand in London but we do our best to help as many  of our customers as possible and we prioritise antiviral sanitisation requests over other cleaning services.

Disinfection fogging – your best friend in fighting the virus (and other harmful microorganisms)

Our house and office disinfection service is in extremely high demand and there is a good reason for it. The certified virucidal cleaners we use are government-approved for fighting and preventing the spread of the coronavirus in all kind of properties and public areas. They conform to  BS EN1276, BS EN1650, BS EN13704, BS EN1499, BS EN1500  standards which means that they are non-toxic and non-harmful to humans, pets and plants and therefore safe to use even in food preparation areas.

House cleaning and disinfection by Amazing Services London certified fogging technician

Disinfection is different from cleaning and sanitising services and they go hand in hand in helping you strengthen your protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. While cleaning and sanitising remove the germs, the disinfection fogging service effectively kills them and keeps the place protected. To make sure your family, clients or colleagues are safe, it is best to combine cleaning with proper antiviral disinfection of your house or commercial premises.

Our Prices for Disinfection Fogging Services in London

House disinfection fogging price

Studio- 1 bedroomfrom £152
2 bedroomsfrom £178
3 bedroomsfrom £202
4 bedroomsfrom £228

Commercial disinfection fogging price

Тhe price for disinfection of commercial  and public properties is determined according to the volume of the premises, but cannot be less than a fixed minimum fee.

Price for commercial disinfection services per cubic meter (m3)£2
Minimum charge£162

Our antiviral disinfection and sanitising services in London can be requested individually or combined with any other cleaning service we provide.

Book Antiviral Sanitisation, Disinfection or Deep Cleaning Today

This service is currently in high demand in London but we do our best to help as many  of our customers as possible and we prioritise disinfection and antiviral sanitisation requests over other cleaning services.

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