High-standard oven cleaning in Liverpool

Extend the lifespan of your oven, enjoy tasty meals, and a spotless clean appliance with our professional oven cleaning services

We offer exceptional local oven cleaning near you and make our services accessible to all residents of Liverpool. Here are some of the advantages of booking our professional oven cleaning:

  • Disassembly of all removable oven parts for a thorough cleaning process
  • Industry-grade detergents that are safe for humans and pets
  • Removal of greasy stains, bacteria, food leftovers, and dirt from the exterior and interior
  • Impeccable results and a restored appearance and functionality of your oven
professional oven cleaning services in Liverpool

Trained cleaning experts

Professional cleaning detergents

Flexible booking slots

Special deals for our oven cleaning service in Liverpool

Do you want to enjoy unmatched costs for oven cleaning in Liverpool? You can enjoy special offers and get amazing deals on our service. Choose one of the following deals and take advantage of unmissable savings.

Single oven + 2 appliances

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Single oven + 2 appliances

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Budget-friendly oven cleaning prices in Liverpool

Item Price
Single oven including two racks from £63
Double oven including three racks from £81
Hob up to for burners from £26
Extractor from £26
Range oven 90cm from £95
Range oven 100-110 cm from £111
Range hob from £28
AGA oven from £99
Small BBQ from £65
Medium size BBQ (up to 3 burners) from £85
Large BBQ from £105
Washing machine, Dishwasher, Dryer from £30 (each)

* All prices are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Minimum charges apply. Please be aware that extra charges like Congestion charge or parking fees are not included in the price and will be added to the final amount if applicable.

High ratings to prove our excellence in local oven cleaning


A few examples of oven cleaning estimates our Liverpool clients have received

Single oven cleaning


Hi, I’ve been noticing a weird smell emitted from my oven with two racks when cooking and I believe it’s a result of dirt buildup. I’m interested in booking your professional oven cleaning service in Liverpool and would like to receive a quote.


Gas BBQ cleaning


Can I get a price estimate for BBQ cleaning in Liverpool?


Extractor + Hob


I want to have my glass hob cleaned and also need help removing some greasy stains and food buildups from my extractor. I’ve tried different cleaning techniques but nothing works. What is the price for your oven cleaning service?


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Long-term Customers
0 +
Ovens Cleaned
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Our step-by-step oven cleaning process in Liverpool

Our local oven cleaning service in Liverpool is carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our oven cleaners are instructed to follow a step-by-step cleaning process that guarantees results every time. However, they are also trained to apply bespoke solutions in cases where they are relevant and useful.

Once the cleaners arrive, they’ll start by closely checking the condition of the oven. They’ll analyze the type of dirt that they’ll be dealing with in order to select the most suitable cleaning detergents and techniques. Depending on the type of oven, there will be some parts that are removable. We will carefully disassemble the appliance in order to make the cleaning easier and more in-depth. We’ll come equipped with a special tank and relevant soaking detergents, which we’ll use to remove all greasy stains, food leftovers, dust, grime, and other dirt from oven racks and other removable parts.

before professional oven cleaning in Liverpool
after professional oven cleaning in Liverpool

You’ll receive a detailed cleaning on both the inside and the outside of the oven. We’ll clean the oven doors, the stove, the oven racks, the knobs, the oven interior, and more. When we’re finished, we’ll restore your oven and put back everything in place. You’ll be able to start cooking right away without the need to wait any longer.

Customer reviews that speak for themselves

I can only share positive feedback from my experience with Amazing Services and their oven cleaning service in Liverpool. Everything was prompt and to the point, they used their own cleaning materials and tools, left the house in perfect condition, and the oven is cleaner than ever!

I’d definitely recommend to my friends and family!


Brad Northwood


I booked the oven cleaning service and received an excellent quality work. They also cleaned my microwave and BBQ and I was astonished by the level of detail that they work with. Even the tiniest traces of food or stains were fully removed.

My oven now looks as if it’s brand new, despite the fact that it has been used for more than 7 years now!


Lianne Thompson


Fully certified local oven cleaning specialists in Liverpool

oven cleaning experts in Liverpool

One of the reasons why we’re able to provide unmatched and outstanding oven cleaning services to the residents of Liverpool is that we work with proven, experienced, and certified local oven cleaning professionals. We leave nothing to chance and explore every avenue to make our clients smile from the satisfaction of our work. All of our cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and capable of executing all oven cleaning jobs. They’re experienced with working with different kinds of oven and know how to treat different materials.

Apart from excellent results, our oven cleaners will also make a difference with their positive attitude, dedication, and willingness to go an extra mile to meet and even exceed your expectations.

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