After Builders Cleaning in London

Deep cleaning service after any type of renovation or building works

Our after builders cleaning service will provide the best care needed to deeply clean your property after any type of renovation or building works. The service is charged by the hour and our technicians will provide all the necessary equipment and detergents to leave your property dust-free and turn it back into a healthy living environment.


The technicians will clean all of the flooring to remove dirt and dust, as well as unsightly markings left over from paint or plaster. Windows will be professionally cleaned from the inside along with the frames and sills, skirting boards, switches, fixtures, doors and doorframes.

The kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and any other requested parts of the property will be deeply cleaned inside and out, including shelves, drawers, cupboards and any other fixtures. Kitchen and bathroom tiles will be treated for limescale (if needed), while the entire bathrooms will be completely sanitized and deeply cleaned, including all toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and any fixtures.

Our technicians will stay on site for as long as you book them and the time can be extended if needed. They are fully equipped and insured. The detergents they carry are specialized for dealing with the white dust spread throughout a freshly renovated property and a non-static film will be created on the surfaces to keep them clean for longer. Paint marks will be treated as needed, so long as the type of paint allows it.

Professional Oven cleaning in a house

Upon request, we can arrange for additional services to be done on the day, such as:


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