Expert carpet cleaning in Liverpool

Extend the lifespan of your carpets and enjoy their brilliance once again with our reliable, local carpet cleaning service

  • Removal of stains from pet accidents, beverage and food spills, and more
  • A guaranteed elimination of unpleasant odours
  • Gentle and appropriate cleaning detergents for different types of fabrics
  • Steam and dry carpet cleaning services available
  • Optional application of an extra stain protective layer
local expert carpet cleaners in Liverpool

Years of cleaning experience

Local know-how

Excellent customer service

Top deals on our local carpet cleaning services in Liverpool

Single oven + 2 appliances

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Single oven + 2 appliances

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Amazing carpet cleaning prices in Liverpool

Room Price
Lounge/ Dining room (12*12feet) from £48
Through lounge (28*12 feet) from £70
Hallway (10 * 5 feet) from £25
Staircase (up to 14 steps) from £48
Bedroom (10*10 feet) from £45
Small Rug ( up to 3 sq.m) from £26
Medium Rug from £36
Large Rug from £45
Landing (5*5 feet) from £18

* All prices are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Minimum charges apply. Please be aware that extra charges like Congestion charge or parking fees are not included in the price and will be added to the final amount if applicable.

A few estimates our clients in Liverpool have received for local carpet cleaning services

Deep carpet cleaning


I’d like to get a quote for deep carpet cleaning using the steam cleaning method. I’m interested in booking the service for two carpets in Liverpool.


Area rug cleaning


Hi, I would like to have a fairly large area rug from my living room cleaned. It’s a very traffic-heavy area and the rug has gotten a bit matted as well. Can you provide me with a price estimate?


Wool carpet cleaning


What’s the price for cleaning a wool carpet in Liverpool? It has an awful smell and is quite stained, I’d like to restore it and be able to use it again. If possible, I also want to have extra protection applied to the carpet as I have pets at home and stains regularly occur on the rugs and carpets.


0 +
Types of Carpet Fabrics Cleaned
Average Carpet Cleaning Job
Satisfied Customers

Our carpet cleaning service in Liverpool explained

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended to prevent any risks of damaging sensitive carpet or rug fabrics during the cleaning process. Not all carpets are created equal. Some are more expensive and rare than others, meaning that they require special care and treatment. In addition, there are different types of stains that can affect them. Some are easy to remove, while others demand a precise cleaning technique that can penetrate deep into the material without causing any fading of the colors, breakage, or other damage.

Upon arrival, the first thing that our local carpet and rug cleaning experts will do is inspect. We’ll determine the type of carpet or rug we’ll be working on, detect the dirt or stains, and choose a suitable cleaning detergent or cleaning solution. We can offer both carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning services, depending on the type of fabrics, how delicate the carpet or rug is, and its condition.

professional carpet cleaning in Liverpool
advanced carpet cleaning services in Liverpool

Steam cleaning is suitable for most types of carpets, while dry cleaning is recommended for certain carpet types like suede, silk, and other delicate materials that are easily affected and potentially harmed during cleaning routines. We’ll carefully eliminate any traces from stains from pet accidents, wine, food spills, oily materials, and more. We’ll dig deep under the surface to remove any dander, dust, and bacteria. After the cleaning service, you’ll be able to use your carpets and rugs and enjoy a fresh smell and clean surfaces.

See what our Liverpool clients have to say about our carpet cleaning services

I was ready to throw my carpets out as I’ve been living with a dog for years and the carpets and rugs at home were so stained that I didn’t think it was worth calling professional carpet cleaners at all! However, the team from Amazing Services did the unimaginable and managed to remove all of the dirty stains, the nasty smells, and the bacteria that had been stored underneath the fabrics for years!

A huge thank you!


Emily Johnson


I received an amazing same-day carpet cleaning service that left my carpets in perfect shape. I reguarly throw parties at home and the carpets always suffer the consequences. After the cleaning service, all wine stains are gone, the fabrics look as they’ve just been sold at the store, and the whole flat smells new and fresh.


Tom Norwood


The certified local carpet cleaning professionals that make our services unique

local carpet cleaning experts in Liverpool

By booking our carpet cleaning services, you’re getting access to the know-how and experience of some of the brightest and most proven local carpet cleaners in Liverpool. You don’t have to worry about your rare and delicate carpets or rugs being harmed during the cleaning process. All of our cleaners are qualified to work with even the most sensitive fabrics to ensure maximum, lasting results.

You can rest assured that you’re in good hands as all of our employees are thoroughly checked and tested before being hired. Take advantage of professional carpet cleaning near you by real experts.

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