Reliable & Advanced Property Pre-sale Cleaning in London

Professional in-depth cleaning service before selling the house!

  • Make an incredible first impression
  • Save time and effort cleaning by yourself
  • Access to commercial-grade cleaning equipment
  • Higher return on investment
pre-sale house cleaning near you

More about the pre-sale house cleaning benefits you can enjoy

professional cleaning before selling house

Make an incredible first impression

There’s nothing more off putting for potential house buyers than viewing a poorly maintained and dirty property. No matter how great the property is in reality, potential buyers can immediately turn their backs on your offer if they notice things like dust accumulation, worn-out and dirty-looking carpets, stained appliances, and other imperfections. House cleaning before selling can help you present your property for sale in the best possible way, attracting more buyers and having the ability to choose from more offers. Don’t spend time trying to clean to perfection a property that has been lived in for years – let our cleaning professionals handle this burdensome task for you!

Save time and effort cleaning by yourself

House cleaning is a challenging task but a deep clean before selling a house can be even more complicated and burdensome! It’s inevitable that a used property will look deteriorated, which can often lead to a highly unattractive property. In order to properly clean the space, it’s essential to have experience and know-how on cleaning techniques that are suitable for different materials, fabrics, rooms, and imperfections. Handling this by yourself can take a lot of time and can be a costly endeavour. Don’t risk buying the wrong cleaning materials or ruining your carpets, curtains, upholstery or other parts of the property. Rely on trained and capable pre-sale cleaners that can take this weight off your shoulders. The service is ideal for people with tight schedules and dynamic daily routines.

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professional cleaning before selling house near me

Higher return on investment

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an expert to perform house cleaning before sale is that you can enjoy a higher return on investment. A well-maintained and properly cleaning property is an advantage that can allow you to set a higher selling price for your property, without this meaning pushing away potential buyers. You can offer added value, a healthy living environment, a bacteria-free home, and all the reasons why clients will enjoy living in your property for sale.

Access to commercial grade cleaning equipment​​

Pre-sale house cleaning is a thorough deep clean of the property and a service designed specifically for helping clients sell their properties faster and with greater profits. The cleaning process is created using a step-by-step routine and demands the use of sophisticated and professional cleaning tools, detergents, and technology. We invest heavily in some of the most modern and new-age cleaning equipment in order to guarantee maximum results and a spotless property.

deep clean before selling house

Don't waste another minute and ensure a fast sale with our professional cleaning before selling house service in London!

What's included in the local pre-sale cleaning service

The house cleaning services before selling your property will clean to perfection all rooms and spaces that are part of the property. This means a detailed deep cleaning of the living room, bedrooms, toilets & bathrooms, hallway, kitchen, storage rooms, and more. Our trained cleaning experts will make sure all windows are spotless clean, they’ll remove any dirt, stains and dust from all types of flooring, they’ll wash away any marks on the doors, and disinfect the door handles and frames.

The cleaners will also guarantee that all fingerprints and germs are removed from the lights and switches in the property, they’ll clean your heating and cooling appliances, and sanitise your curtains and blinds. You can expect all of the kitchen appliances to be restored to their original clean state, with all oily stains fully eliminated. Your bathroom will look as good as new, with precise toilet & grout cleaning, deep cleaning of shower area, drain cleaning, and more.

If the property has a garage or a garden, our professionals can take care of these areas as well.

professional cleaning before selling house near me

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What our customers have to say about our pre-sale cleaning services

We were on a tight schedule to start showing our property for sale to potential clients as we urgently needed money to invest in our business. We had tenants living in the house for years and the state was certainly not very appealing. We hired Amazing Services for pre-sale cleaning and couldn’t be happier! We only received positive feedback from people who viewed our house and managed to complete the sale in the desired timeframe! A massive thank you to the cleaning team!

Seb Harris


I struggled to sell my property for a few months as there were a lot of viewers but most of them never returned. I decided to try hiring a professional to clean up the flat to make it look more appealing and the results were spectacular. I managed to increase the asking price and made the sale in less than a month after the service.

Shawn Lewis

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