Steam and Dry Carpet Cleaning Services in London

Professional Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning in London

Carpets bring color, warmth and comfort to our homes. But they also show the traces of our everyday lives and need regular appropriate cleaning and maintenance. Professional carpet cleaning services are the best way to keep your carpets in good condition and extend their durability.

Why it is better to leave carpet cleaning to a professional service provider

Cleaning a carpet at home, with regular equipment and detergents may turn out to be not as easy as it seems.

Severe stains removed by professional carpet cleaning service - before and after
Does your carpet need special attention? Professional carpet cleaning can be cheaper than DIY attempts.

The right team of professionals to make your carpet clean and fresh

Our carpet steam cleaning service is provided by professional technicians who are fully equipped with a wide range of cleaning products and the most powerful machines on the market. We keep up to date with the most recent cleaning methods and techniques in the industry. Our teams have solid experience in cleaning different types of curtains, carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses and can take care of almost all kinds of stains you may have on your fabrics. We do not just clean your carpets, we return them to their initial look. Our certified carpet cleaning professionals can also give advice on how to maintain your floor covering in good condition.

The right cleaning method for every carpet

We offer 2 methods of cleaning – hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, and dry cleaning for delicate materials. Once we inspect the carpets we will determine the most suitable option for you.

Steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction method

Removing dirt from a carpet during professional carpet cleaning

This is the most powerful method for efficient carpet cleaning on the market at the moment.

  • First the carpet is deeply hoovered with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Then it is pre-treated for any stains, general dirt, dirty patches, high traffic areas.
  • After that it is washed with a professional hot water extraction machine. A water solution of  the specialized carpet detergent is injected into the fabric and extracted back carrying all the unwanted dirt and most germs, bacteria and allergens.
    This cycle ensures deep and complete cleaning of the carpet or rug.
  • The final step of the service is the drying – it is just as important as the washing stage. A moist carpet is a favourable environment for mould, mildew, unpleasant smells, or lignin residue browning. Dye bleeding is another side-effect of inadequate drying. Our powerful machines (up to 800 PSI) extract approximately 95% of the moisture, so you can walk on the carpets almost as soon as we leave your home. Carpets and rugs will be completely dry in a couple of hours. To speed up the process we can bring an air-mover device, which will reduce the drying period.

Dry carpet cleaning:

Unfortunately, steam cleaning is not suitable for all kinds of rugs and carpets. Delicate materials like silk, suede or seagrass need to be treated with extra care. Luckily, we at Amazing Services can help you with that. After a deep hoovering we apply a dry cleaning solution. A professional machine scrubs  detergent powder into the carpet. It extracts grime, dust and dirt through chemical bonding and is then hoovered. The machine is powerful enough to sanitize carpets and upholstery and gentle enough for such delicate fabrics. Dry cleaning does refresh carpets and rugs, but stains are likely to remain.

Protect your freshly cleaned carpet from new dirt and stains

For the perfect finish of the service we highly recommend that you take advantage of our stain protector, Scotchgard. It is a special silicate based solution applied after the carpet has been professionally steam or dry cleaned. It creates an invisible protective layer against liquids so they can be easily wiped with a towel or a cloth. The effect lasts for 6 months or until the next cleaning. Homes with young children, pets or especially high traffic areas do benefit from such treatment, despite the extra charge.

An infant playing on a professionally cleaned carpet

Insecticide treatment

Professional carpet cleaning removes insects and is safe for pets

Most people are not aware of what may be living in their carpets. Dust mites, carpet beetles, bedbugs or fleas,  the carpet cleaning professionals at Amazing services are well prepared. Equipped with proper insecticides and detergents they have the knowledge and experience of solving such problems. Since the insects spread very fast we highly recommend you contact us as soon as possible if you notice any pest activity in your fabrics.

Why trust us with cleaning your carpet

  • All our carpet cleaning technicians are DB-checked, bonded and insured. They have previous experience, are certified by industry leader Prochem and the quality of their work is regularly monitored by quality control managers. 
  • We use professional machines and detergents to clean your carpet. Not just the regular stuff you can buy in the supermarket. We have the skills, the equipment and the experience to treat your floor covering in the best possible way.
  • You don’t need to stay at home during the service if you don’t want to. You can just let us in (or leave the keys for us). We will come, do the job, and leave closing the door behind us. Amazing cleaners are specialised in commercial hard floor and office carpet cleaning as well.
Carpet cleaning on stairs by Amazing Services London

Our Prices for carpet cleaning services

Type roomPrice
Lounge/ Dining room (12*12feet)from £48
Through lounge (28*12 feet)from £70
Hallway (10 * 5 feet)from £25
Staircase (up to 14 steps)from £48
Bedroom (10*10 feet)from £45
Rug ( up to 3 sq.m)from £26
Medium Rugfrom £36
Large Rugfrom £45
Landing (5*5 feet)from £18

Scotchgard™ carpet protection

Scotchgard carpet protector logo

Scotchgard™ is a special fabric protector spray which is applied after a carpet has been professionally cleaned. It creates a thin film that prevents liquids from penetrating the material. An accidental spill can then be easily wiped without forming a stain. The repelling action and protection of your public area carpet after its professional cleaning can last for up to 6 months unless the area is scrubbed and the layer is removed. 

Although Scotchgard™ carpet treatment is an extra service, we strongly encourage our customers to request it specifically so they can enjoy the freshness of their carpets longer.

If you are looking for deep and professional steam cleaning for your carpets, rugs, upholstery or mattresses at a competitive price, do not hesitate to contact Amazing Services!


Most frequent questions and answers

Our technicians will provide all the necessary detergents and equipment. We only need the property to have electricity and running hot water.

We accept payments by cash and bank transfer. Cash can be paid after the service, directly to our team. Bank transfers must be cleared before the service, preferably at least a day in advance. We do not currently accept payments by card.

All of our technicians are careful and meticulous in the execution of the service to avoid any damages. Regardless, we require them to have public liability insurance before dispatch, so damages can be compensated in the eventuality.

All of our cleaning technicians grasp the English language at a working level. If you have any issues with communication, please call the office. Our phone operators are fluent in English.

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