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 The overall impression a customer or an employee gets when they first walk into a public place defines the amount of business they will be prepared to bring or the amount of effort they will be prepared to put in. Carpets are undeniably one part of the interior that must not be overlooked when creating that overall impression. A clean fresh looking carpet with a soft feel and pleasant aroma makes all the difference. This may be hard to maintain, especially in high traffic places of business, administrative buildings or other public areas. This is where professional commercial carpet cleaning is called for. Professional machines, specialized professional detergents for any kind of carpet material, and highly trained professional cleaners with considerable experience are key to the intended performance of your carpets. This is what Amazing Services brings to your public place in London. Whether a one-off cleaning or a subscription regular cleaning service, the result always is carpets as good as new.


Offices, administrative buildings, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons or any other public areas in London and the surrounding areas


one-off cleaning or a subscription regular cleaning service of carpets in public areas


Professional machines, professional detergents,  professional cleaners


Amazing Services

Why professional cleaning for commercial carpets

Because carpets in public areas must look good and meet the sanitation requirements, but they get more traffic and get dirty sooner.

Public place carpets accumulate dust and bacteria, which can be harmful to the health. → Professional machines and specialized detergents deep clean the fabric removing almost 100% of the dirt.
High traffic area carpets are more likely to get stained, especially those at bars, restaurants, etc. → Specialized professional detergents are designed to penetrate the material and dissolve stains without damaging the fabric.
Manual cleaning leaves carpets moist. Moisture causes mould and ruins the carpet. → Professional deep cleaning extracts up to 95% of the moisture leaving carpets ready to be walked on.
Commercial carpets get considerably more wear and need to be replaced more often. → Professional deep carpet cleaning with suitable detergents selected specifically for each type of material ensures carpets last longer. A special Scotchgard treatment can make the effect even longer.*
All carpet manufacturers recommend regular deep cleaning of the carpet. Amazing Services offer a subscription plan for regular commercial carpet cleaning in business, administrative and public properties in London and the surroundings.
*Scotchgard treatment is an extra service requested separately.

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Why choose carpet cleaning by Amazing Services

Commercial carpet steam cleaning - Amazing Services

*Regular cleaning is a subscription cleaning service performed every 6 months, or more often.

How the service is performed

First а technician carefully checks the material of your carpet to decide on the best cleaning method.

Hot water extraction:

Step 1 – Preparation

The carpeted area is hoovered. Any stains, dirt, patches, and high traffic areas are pre-treated.


Step 2 – Hot water extraction

Our carpet cleaning technicians use a hot extraction water machine to shampoo and wash the carpet. 

Approximately 95% of the moisture is extracted almost immediately from the carpet along with the dislodged grime and dust.

This washing is always preceded by a durability test on a small area of the carpet.


Step 3 – Stain removal

Any particular stains are treated with special solvents depending on their origin.

Please note that stains which are too old, or have been treated earlier, may not come out completely, although we use the most powerful stain removers on the market.

To avoid any future stains, we recommend Scotchgard treatment.*

*Scotchgard treatment is an extra service requested separately.

Step 4 -Post-treatment inspection

We always ask our customers to inspect the carpet immediately after the service and confirm they are satisfied with the result.


STEP 5 – Drying 

An air mover fan is placed directly next to the treated area so the final 5% of moisture are removed as quickly as possible. The floor is protected and the carpet is ready to be used.

Scotchgard™ carpet protection

Scotchgard carpet protector logo

Scotchgard™ is a special fabric protector spray which is applied after a carpet has been professionally cleaned. It creates a thin film that prevents liquids from penetrating the material. An accidental spill can then be easily wiped without forming a stain. The repelling action and protection of your public area carpet after its professional cleaning can last for up to 6 months unless the area is scrubbed and the layer is removed. 

Although Scotchgard™ carpet treatment is an extra service, we strongly encourage our customers to request it specifically so they can enjoy the freshness of their carpets longer.

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