Who is responsible for an end of tenancy clean?

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    Did you know that nearly 60% of conflicts between landlords and tenants regarding deposits are a result of poor end of tenancy cleaning?

    This alarming statistic should be enough to grab your attention as to why EOT cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning is essential for landlords, tenants, and letting agents. It’s a lot different from the standard cleaning routine, where you simply vacuum the floors and wipe away the visible dust from the surfaces. Tenancy cleaning has specific requirements and includes the precise cleaning of certain areas in the house and a list of appliances, objects, and more.

    In this article, we’ll cover why move out cleaning is important and who is responsible for it.

    Why end of tenancy cleaning matters

    If your tenancy contract is coming to an end, the first thing you’re probably eager about is receiving your full deposit back. However, before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that this can only happen once your landlord or letting agent agrees that the condition of the property is exactly the same as when you moved in at the start of the contract.

    Of course, normal wear and tear is expected and is therefore not penalized. On the other hand, a dirty property could mean fees for professional cleaners, which will be deducted from your security deposit.

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    Who is responsible for end of tenancy cleaning

    Generally, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the rented property is cleaned after the tenancy agreement has ended. But there are exceptions.

    The responsibility regarding end of tenancy cleaning should be clearly outlined in your tenancy contract. Carefully read the document before signing and have a full understanding of what you are agreeing to. 99% of the time, the contract will state that tenants are obliged to return the property to its landlord in the original condition in which it was when they moved in.

    This means that they are required to clean it in order to receive their full deposit back. It’s also important to receive your inventory list at the signing of the contract in order to have proof of the property’s condition when you move in. It’s recommended to take photos and include them in the inventory.

    Do I have to pay for cleaning at end of tenancy

    So if tenants are responsible for EOT cleaning, does that mean that they must schedule an end of tenancy cleaning service with a professional cleaning company?

    Not necessarily.

    As long as you can meet the criteria outlined in the inventory or your tenancy contract in regards to the condition of the property, you are not obliged to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. However, keep in mind that EOT cleaning and standard cleaning are nothing alike.

    Move out cleaning is a demanding job that requires a lot of detailed processes, time, and effort. If you have assumed that you’ll just need to vacuum the floors, wipe the outsides of your cupboards and remove the dust from the surfaces, you might be negatively surprised.

    In order to receive your security money back, you’ll need to go through every area of the property, clean every appliance, every cupboard, remove mould from the bathrooms, clean the tiles, sanitise the doorknobs, clean the windows and frames, and a lot more. There are special end of tenancy cleaning checklists that most people prefer to use when they’ve decided to rely on themselves for the job.

    A cleaning checklist will help you stay organized and most importantly – not forget any important cleaning task that may cost you a lot in the end. Once you’ve agreed on a move out date with your landlord, they’ll organize an inspection to check if the property has been cleaned as expected.

    If you can’t afford spending time or effort into deep cleaning your property before moving out, it’s best to book end of tenancy cleaners for the job. Yes, it will cost you money but the reality is that a specialist knows exactly what they’re doing, has the necessary cleaning materials and supplies, works quickly, and provides maximum results.

    Showing your landlord that you’ve hired a post tenancy cleaning service also increases the chances of them being happy with the condition of the property and avoiding any disputes or lost money from your deposit.

    end of tenancy clean who is responsible

    Can a landlord require professional cleaning

    With everything described from the previous section you’re probably thinking that tenants can’t be forced to hire professional cleaners for move out cleaning. Well, we did mention that there are certain criteria that must be met. If after the inspection the landlord or letting agent detects imperfections, dirt, dust, stains, and other flaws that were not there when you first moved in, they may require professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

    Usually, the landlord will book the EOT cleaners and will subtract the cost of the service from your tenancy deposit. Of course, in a lot of cases, it’s advisable to book your own tenancy cleaning service if you’re unwilling or incapable of doing the job yourself. By choosing the cleaning company alone, you could select professionals who provide services at lower costs. Otherwise, you are entirely relying on your landlord for the booking and the service may cost you more than you were prepared for.

    Do Landlords Have to Clean Between Tenants

    All tenants have the right to move into a fresh and clean rental property at the start of their tenancy agreements. With this in mind, landlords have to ensure the property is clean before welcoming new tenants. Although in most cases this is the responsibility of previous tenants, there are situations where the landlord too must either clean the property or hire EOT cleaning.

    For instance, imagine that a tenancy contract ends in January and it takes a few months for the next tenants to move in. The longer it takes to find new tenants, the more dust and dirt the property accumulates, even when not in use. With this in mind, especially in situations where a global pandemic like COVID-19 has its influence on the importance of hygiene, landlords must ensure proper cleaning between tenants.

    In different parts of the world, there are different landlord cleaning responsibilities in relation to COVID-19. If you are a landlord and you are uncertain about your responsibilities, it’s advisable to speak to professional letting agents or another authority on the rental property market to receive full information.

    Also, remember to be clear with tenants when signing a tenancy agreement and inform them about what they are expected to do when moving out. This will help you avoid time-consuming and stressful conflicts and disagreements.

    Property cleaning throughout the tenancy

    We hope that we’ve answered some of the most popular questions in regards to end of tenancy cleaning. Remember that move out cleaning is a whole lot easier if you’ve maintained the property in good condition throughout the full tenancy. In other words, if you’ve gently cleaned the oven after every use, if you’ve taken care of your bathroom so that mould doesn’t take over, and if you’ve removed stains instantly after their appearance, you might be able to get away with an hour of end of tenancy cleaning before you move out.

    On the contrary, if the rental property is a mess, you can’t expect to receive your money back unless you’re prepared to put in the work or spend money on a cleaning company.

    We can draw a personal quote for you based on your needs and the volume of services you require. Just let us know.

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