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    Remember the day when you moved into your new rented property as a tenant? The property was most likely sparkling clean, fresh, and welcoming. Well, tenants have every right to receive rented property in this condition. However, they’re also responsible for maintaining it in this state throughout their tenancy and most importantly – returning it to the landlord in its original state.

    Of course, the landlord doesn’t have the right to do daily inspections of the hygiene in the flat or house. However, poor maintenance and a dirty home often lead to pest infestations, health hazards, and other threats. Tenants will undoubtedly be charged for any services aimed at removing mould, pests or other dangers from the property.

    To help tenants receive their full deposits back at the end of their tenancy contracts and have positive communication and no disputes with their landlords, professional cleaners provide a special service called end of tenancy cleaning.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to do an end of tenancy clean without the help of any experts.

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    What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

    We already know that if you don’t do a proper job cleaning the rental property before you move out, your landlord will hire an EOT company to do so and will deduct the cost of the service from your deposit.

    So what can you do to make sure you’ve done the cleaning properly?

    Most importantly, you’ll need to have an in-depth understanding of what end of tenancy cleaning includes.

    Living room

    We’ll start with the living room although this doesn’t have to be the area that you start cleaning first. Start with the area of the property that you have completely finished moving out of and using. This will guarantee that you don’t have to repeat any cleaning and go over the process again.

    When it comes to the living room, you’ll need to remove all accumulated dust from surfaces like tables, cupboards, cabinets, bookshelves, TV sets, and others. If there are any stains, carefully remove them using appropriate cleaning materials or DIY solutions. Disinfect the knobs on the doors, the light switches, and remove any stains on the walls. Clean any windows and frames.

    Overall, think in detail. Don’t just scratch the surface but put in the effort to ensure that all dirt is truly gone. Last, vacuum the carpets or mop other types of flooring. Make sure all furniture and upholstery are clean and fresh too. Where possible, you can put suitable fabrics in the washing machine. Where it’s not possible, vacuum and remove any stains.


    The kitchen is perhaps one of the most burdensome areas to deep clean. You can only imagine how much grease, oil, and muck the appliances have collected, especially if you haven’t done a great job cleaning the place regularly during your tenancy.

    Start by removing all of the items from every cupboard and all the shelves. Clean the surfaces by eliminating any crumbs, food leftovers, and other deposits. Ensure that the cupboards and storage compartments are fully cleaned, both on the inside and outside. Next, it’s time for appliances. Your landlord will want to see all appliances cleaned, but not only on the outside. Check behind any large appliances as these hidden places often store a lot of dust and dirt.

    Here are some of the main things you should focus on:

    • Fridge
    • Freezer
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • Coffee machine
    • Dishwasher
    • Washing machine
    • Dryer

    Clean things like the soap tray, the dishwasher filter, remove any cobwebs and empty the bins. The inside parts of the oven and fridge should be cleaned in detail, eliminating any stubborn stains and food particles.

    how to do an end of tenancy cleaning yourself


    The first thing to look out for in the bathroom is signs of mould. If there are any, it’s vital to quickly remove them using specialized materials or DIY solutions. Make sure that all tiles and grout are successfully cleaned, scrub the sink, bath, toilet, and other toilet or bathroom accessories. Make sure that all dirt is removed from the drains and plug holes to eliminate the risks of blockage. If there is any limescale, don’t forget to remove it.

    Clean the shower by removing the showerhead and soaking it in white vinegar for a few hours. This will restore its sparkling clean condition. Remove any stains from the bathroom mirror and don’t forget to clean the doorknobs.


    The bedrooms are usually not that demanding when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. Just like in the living room, you’ll need to take out all of your belongings and clean the drawers and clothing compartments carefully inside and out. Remove dust from all surfaces, clean light switches, wash the curtains, wipe away the frames and clean the windows.

    Carefully check if there are any stains on the mattress and if so, remove them using baking soda or cleaning products purchased from the store. Lastly, vacuum the carpets or mop other flooring surfaces. If there is any art on the walls, make sure any dust is removed from the glass or frames. If there are any blinds, clean them using a wet wipe or specialized materials.


    Hallways are often exposed to a lot of foot traffic. It’s natural that they’re stained and worn out. You can easily remove the stains by following a number of cleaning hacks and methods. If you have any storage shelves or compartments in the hallway, make sure to free them of dust and other dirt. Clean any rugs that you may have and sanitise the light switches. Again, if there is any art or decor on the walls, don’t forget to clean it.

    Storage rooms

    A lot of people forget about cleaning the storage room or storage space before they move out. Even if you haven’t used this area during your stay in the property, vacuum clean it and remove any visible dust. Your job here won’t be extensive, especially if there aren’t a lot of racks or items in the storage space.

    Garden and outdoor spaces

    Last but not least, your landlord will want to see that the outdoor areas of the property, especially if this is a rented house, are clean and tidy. This means throwing away any excess dead leaves, mowing the grass, returning all items outdoors if you’ve put them inside during the colder season, and more.

    Of course, before you start any cleaning in the garden, take your inventory and check all the details. Your landlord may have not included this area in the list, which means that you are not obliged to clean it or restore it to a perfect state. However, if the area is included, compare the initial state of the space with that on your moving out date and make sure they’re identical.

    Repair any broken gates, fix any broken lighting fixtures, and make sure everything is ready to welcome the next tenants after you.

    Use an end of tenancy cleaning checklist

    End of tenancy cleaning is definitely not an easy task to handle alone without the help of an expert. It’s time-consuming, effort-demanding, and complex. To make sure that you’re not forgetting anything and that you’ll receive your full deposit back, it’s always advisable to work according to an end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

    This list will go through all of the important areas of the house and will be divided into all the things you need to focus your cleaning efforts on. There are a wide variety of EOT cleaning checklists available online but you can also create your own. One tip is to use your inventory and note down all of the listed areas and items on your checklist.

    This way, you’ll have every confidence that your landlord’s expectations will be fully met.

    We hope that you’ll find this article useful when the time comes to say goodbye to your old rented property. Avoid any disputes and receive your full deposit back by conducting move out cleaning alone. Of course, if your time is a scarce resource and you would rather have an expert do it, you can schedule a professional end of tenancy cleaning service near you.

    We can draw a personal quote for you based on your needs and the volume of services you require. Just let us know.

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