How much is an end of tenancy clean?

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    Professional cleaning services in London

    Regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, end of tenancy cleaning services are a must if you want to get your full deposit back or attract new tenants to your rental property. EOT cleaning in London is a popular service that a lot of residents rely on. It guarantees the full elimination of dangerous bacteria and germs, restores the perfect hygiene in a property and provides a safe space for new tenants.

    But how much can you expect to pay for after tenancy cleaning in London?

    In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the end of tenancy cleaning prices in the area and will dig deeper into what’s included in the service. By the end of your read, you’ll be fully aware of what a normal price is and you will be able to avoid paying for an overpriced service or choosing an extremely low-priced company that is likely to provide unsatisfactory results.

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    What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

    Before we dive into the prices for tenancy cleaning, it’s worth investigating what the service actually includes. End of tenancy cleaning is a professional service provided mainly for tenants and landlords for rental properties. Every end of tenancy cleaning company will have their own unique list of things that the service includes. However, there are a number of standard procedures that it’s safe to say are common for most professional cleaning companies:

    • Removal of dust and cobwebs from all property rooms and areas
    • Cleaning of door frames, door handles, and doors
    • Furniture polishing
    • Vacuum cleaning or furnishings
    • Hoovering/Mopping of flooring
    • Cleaning or de-scaling of sink & toilets
    • Internal window cleaning
    • Deep cleaning of wall tiles, taps, fittings, and bath & shower basins
    • Cleaning of washing machine, tumble dryer, and dryer
    • Disinfection of kitchen cupboards and appliances
    • Cleaning of all light switches, light fittings, sockets, and light shades
    • Internal window cleaning (window frames and sills included)

    The main areas that the end of tenancy cleaning service covers include the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, living room, bedroom, and corridors. Considering how many different things could be included in the service, you can’t rely on an average price for all types of properties. The price is carefully calculated considering a few important factors.

    Let’s look at them in more detail.

    end of tenancy cost

    What factors influence end of tenancy cleaning prices?

    Generally speaking, the end of tenancy cleaning prices in London are affordable for most landlords and tenants. However, whether or not you will be asked to pay a higher or lower price compared to the average will depend on the following factors:

    The type of cleaning

    Every property will require a different degree of cleaning. This will depend on the way the tenants have maintained the property during their lease and how regular they have conducted DIY cleaning. Usually, people with busy schedules tend to neglect cleaning routines at home and will require a deeper level of cleaning in order to ensure they receive their full deposits back.

    If the rental property is in good condition, the price for the EOT cleaning will be lower. However, in cases where the property is extremely poorly maintained and in need of extra cleaning in order to restore its initial condition, the price will be higher.

    The size of the property

    In addition to the condition of the property, professional end of tenancy cleaners also consider the size of the property. Cleaning prices in London are different for studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom properties, or larger properties with a multitude of rooms. In simple terms, the bigger the property, the higher the price you will be asked to pay. Cleaners will also ask how many bathrooms or toilets the property has as these areas usually require a bit of extra work and specialised cleaning materials.

    The best thing to do is request a quote for end of tenancy cleaning in London and have the cleaners visit the property in advance to inspect it and provide a realistic estimate.

    Any additional services

    Sometimes, the standard EOT cleaning routine won’t be enough to satisfy landlords’ expectations or to have the property approved by inspectors or real estate agents as suitable for a new lease agreement with new tenants. In this case, extra cleaning services may be required. Examples are carpet cleaning, deep upholstery cleaning, and others.

    To determine whether or not you will require additional cleaning services, it’s essential to have a cleaner inspect the area.
    how much is an end of tenancy

    Average end of tenancy cleaning costs in London

    Now that we’ve covered the most basic facts about end of tenancy cleaning, we’re ready to move on to the prices that are typical for most London areas. It’s worth noting that these prices are considered average. In order to receive an accurate estimate for your property, it’s essential to request a quote from your chosen end of tenancy cleaning company.
    • End of tenancy cleaning for a studio flat – the prices span from £80 to  £150, depending on the level of cleaning required. It’s safe to say the average is considered £130.
    • EOT cleaning for 1-2 bedroom flat – depending on the condition of the property, the prices vary between £120 and  £320. The average amount you can expect to pay is £250.
    • Tenancy cleaning for 2-3 bedroom property – properties with two or three bedrooms are considered medium-sized and the prices for end of tenancy cleaning are from £140 –  £380. The average price is somewhere around  £ 320.
    • Move out cleaning for 4-5 bedroom property – in this case, EOT cleaning prices span from £170 –  £530. The average price for this type of cleaning is around  £370.
    • End of tenancy cleaning services for properties with more than 6 bedrooms – large properties with more than 6 bedrooms are the most expensive when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. The minimum you can expect to pay is £220, while the average costs are around  £420.
    Keep in mind that you could take advantage of certain promotions or discounts to benefit from lower prices. However, these are the average end of tenancy prices found across most London areas.

    Why do tenants prefer booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning service?

    Cleaning is a chore that most people are not very excited about. It requires time, dedication, shopping for cleaning materials, and experience. Making a mistake or failing to clean something to meet the expectations of your landlord could mean deductions from your tenancy deposit. Most tenants prefer to leave this burdensome task to the experts. Professional end of tenancy cleaners work abiding by a cleaning checklist, which guarantees excellent results.

    A professional EOT cleaning provides the following advantages:

    • No waste of time, money, and effort
    • Unquestioned results
    • Guaranteed deposit back
    • No risk of disputes between landlord and tenant

    Landlord or letting agent requirements

    Let’s face it. Although it’s nice to know that you’re leaving your leased property in perfect hygiene for the next tenants, the main goal is to ensure you receive your full deposit back. In order for that to happen, the landlord or letting agent must agree that the property is left in the same condition that it was in on your move-in date.

    The best way to make an unbiased comparison is by observing your inventory. It will have information and pictures of the property when you moved in and is the most reliable and certain place to look for answers. Make sure you have it with you when the property you’ve rented is being inspected for damage.

    If you’re a tenant who is approaching their end of tenancy or a landlord looking to prepare their rental property for the next tenant, you can rely on an experienced and high-quality end of tenancy cleaning company to restore the property to its initial state and turn it into a comfortable, safe, and clean place to live in.

    We can draw a personal quote for you based on your needs and the volume of services you require. Just let us know.

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